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About my photography

I first started taking pictures as a child, with a Kodak Instamatic, mostly during our family trips to places like Iceland and Norway. When about 15, I bought my uncle Alan's old Pentax Spotmatic SLR off him with my Christmas money, and learnt much more about photography using that. 

Years later, after a bit of a hiatus when I didn't take many photos, I rediscovered my interest when taking up canoeing, and quickly went digital. I drowned my first secondhand DSLR after putting it down in the bottom of a wet canoe following a descent of a weir, so bought a waterproof compact instead. Though this was fine, it was a bit basic, and I eventually bought another DSLR and a solid PeliStorm case to stop it getting drowned again. 

I consider myself an instinctive photographer, rather than a trained, technically good, one. Most of my images are taken on the spur of the moment, when outdoors enjoying the countryside, rather than pre-planned and patiently considered as the truly good photographers will do. Nevertheless, I like to think my instinct, eye, and composition are pretty good, and am always learning simply through the large number of photos I take and "process" in Lightroom.

I currently use a Canon 700D with an 18-135mm "kit" lens which covers most options for a photographer on the move, but is pretty much an entry-level outfit compared with some! I back this up with a waterproof Olympus TG2 which sits in my pocket when canoeing, which comes out when going down moving water and I daren't take the DSLR out of the PeliCase.

If anybody has any interest in using any of my images, please get in touch.

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