The Jungles of Surrey - the Hoe Stream by canoe

For nearly ten years now, I've been exploring the backwaters of my local rivers, especially the Wey. I've had some wonderful moments, on beautiful meandering streams, away from the hubbub of modern life. Near the ancient ruins of Newark Priory, under the tree-shaded slopes of a bluebell clad hillside, a small river, more of a stream in fact, meanders down to its confluence with the Wey. This is the Hoe Stream, though confusingly it also seems to be called The Bourne at this p

Giving a little back to nature, and getting even more back in turn

Last autumn, I started volunteering for Surrey Wildlife Trust. For years, I've been wandering the commons and woods which SWT manage in my area, so when I became free to do so, it seemed like a good idea to give a little back. What really happened, is that I got so much more back myself, from the experience of meeting like-minded folk, learning more about nature and wildlife conservation, and enjoying working in the great outdoors. I'm not sure what I expected when I turned u