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So, what's it all about then?

If you've explored the rest of my website, you'll hopefully have realised that I love the outdoors. First of all, I wanted to simply have a website to act as a hub for my writing and photography. However, I also wanted to share my thoughts on life, particularly on my passionate theory that adventure and wildness exists close to home as well as far afield. Hopefully, that's what this blog will be loosely about, but its a journey we'll have to take together, and something that will probably evolve into all sorts of different directions.

A huge part of my thinking is simply about opening your eyes when you're out and about. Slow down a little, sit quietly and look around you. Its amazing what you might see.

Close to home: a grass snake swimming in the Thames

Far afield: contemplating a phenomenal sunset in Sweden

I'd love to hear from people, to receive feedback and to hear of others' own adventures.

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